SpiBelt3Let’s talk gear. I have been fortunate enough to discover a lot of my favorite gear with little trial and error. After 2 1/2 years of running, and over fifty races of varying distances, I have found some great stuff! There are road shoes, trail shoes, hydration vests, fuel belts, gaiters, clothing, and more. I’ll talk about my earliest discovery first; the SPIbelt.

When I first began running, I would hide my keys on the porch and run, worrying about someone finding them the entire time. During my first races, I would tie the car key to my shoe. I didn’t have to worry about carrying fuel because I didn’t know about fueling during running at that time. I never researched the rules and suggestions for running, I just ran.

I discovered my first SPIbelt at a race expo. This fuel belt was compact and could not only pack away easily, but also be worn virtually undetected. It was an adjustable band with a pocket that stretched to hold keys, phones, fuel, or any other similar sized item the wearer chose. This belt did not scream “fanny pack”, which was also a plus. I could pin my race bibs to the belt, eliminating the fear of tearing clothing. The SPIbelt was also reasonably priced. I felt it was worth the twenty dollars to try it out.SpiBelt2

I’ll be the first to say that it was the best twenty dollars I ever spent. I love this fuel belt! Everything I need to run a marathon distance or less can fit into this belt. I keep my car key, phone, money and ID, and multiple types of fuel in it without any issues. My daughter keeps her inhaler and fuel in hers. I have the basic belt and pin my bib to it, but I just received the race toggles that eliminate the use of safety pins. I’ll be trying those out at my trail race this Saturday. Thanks to this belt, I have never had my racing clothes damaged from pins. It comes in multiple shapes and a variety of fun colors. My mini loves that she has several and can color coordinate her outfits to them.

SpiBelt4Although my primary use for the SPIbelt is for racing, I have found it to be perfect for when we go to amusement parks. It keeps us hands free and locker free for the day. It’s useful for hiking, biking, and many other outdoor activities. I never run a race or visit an amusement park without it. It has become a staple in our house.

I recently obtained the new H2O Venture hydration belt from SPIbelt. I took it out on a trail run the other day and was pleased with it. It still has the stretchy pocket that holds my keys and such. It also has 2 bottles that hold  a combined 16 ounces of water. The bottles fit nicely at my hips when worn both forward and backward facing. The bottles themselves do not require the spill proof spout to be opened, just squeeze them to get a drink. I love this belt because I can wear it by itself on shorter runs where I would need water, but not want to wear a vest; or in addition to my hydration vest on longer runs where I need extra water. I believe it will become a favorite for me as well.SpiBelt6

I feel that I lucked out in discovering the SPIbelt so early in my running. It has been invaluable to me for numerous reasons. I cannot imagine running without it. The SPIbelt makes me happy because it is so simple and convenient.

SpiBelt5SPIbelt recently discovered me on Instagram and so graciously asked me to tell my story for them. I was thrilled and honored for this opportunity. If you would like to read it, you can find it here, at their site.